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Default Integrated Amp ~$1000 budget

Hi Guys,
Not computer audio, however with my stereo being connected to my computer I guess it fits

I am in the market for a new Integrated amp for my stereo. I will have around $1000 to spend +- $250

I am stuck between both the Rotel RA-1520 (60w PC, but since it is Rotel, I imagine it is much more capable - $1150 List) and the Cambridge Audio Azur 651A (75w PC - $880 List)
I will be driving Paradigm Mini Monitors - Series 7 with them, which are 15-100w Amp range, 80W max input. After the Amp purchase I will be buying a dedicated DAC, so the DAC in the Cambridge Audio 651a isn't a factor for me.

Has anyone had the opportunity to audition these 2 units? If so, how did you find the sound stage, where they warm or cold sounding,

My city has only 1 high end audio store, and they don't have stock of either unit. They are more then willing to take a return on either unit if I am not satisfied (I have 1-2 months to audition them at home before they wont take a return of the unit) They actually gave me a CA DAC magic 100 for a month to see how it worked with my current setup current amp didn't get enough of a gain to make it worth it.
Also, has anyone heard something in the same price range that is worth me taking a look at? I have also been looking at the offerings from NAD, but I haven't had a chance to hear anything from them as my local stereo shop doesn't stock them.

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