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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Divert View Post
That setup goes over my $800 budget.

My girlfriend is actually getting my HDD for me. She wants to help a bit, which is nice.
That build was just to show you an alternative. I realize it was over but there are further cuts you could make.
e.g. drop the GPU to a 7850, get a cheaper PSU (Corsair CX500 or similar)

I likes considerate girlfriends, mine brings me some of my fave stuff from home when she visits (I'm from Ireland but working in Kiev, Ukraine)

Another alternative is to go with something along the lines of what I posted (z77 based) but have an i3.. then in a few years when you want an upgrade, you can buy a 3770k or something for a drop in performance increase in the CPU department.

As far as I'm aware (I'm no guru on them) SSD's are much better under Intels than AMD's.. But AKG or someone else will be able to show more on that.

AMD Vishera FX-6300 & FX-4300 Review

That said the AMD will be much better at highly multi-threaded tasks. The Intels are much better at single threads (and you haven't mentioned anything that needs more threads anyway)

I have nothing against AMD and if thats the route you want then of course thats fine, I only intend to present alternatives.

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