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My System Specs


The bios is back. Thanks everyone for taking the time to help me.

I first removed the gpu and put it back. This did not help.

I then tried hitting the red button in the lower-right of the board to switch bios...this did nothing.

I then pulled the cmos battery out for 15 minutes and put it back.
Startup was different. The fan noises were slightly different. (there was a pulsing of some fans before, that was now gone) And the red cmos Q LED was off. But the DRAM Q LED was still on.

I then pulled out my 4 ram cards. apologies, when I said before I touched nothing...this was incorrect. I had pulled out all 4 ram cards when removing the old heatsink.
I guess this was it, as the bios was there after reseating the ram.
I noticed when putting the ram in this time, although it snapped nicely at the top, there was about a mm at the bottom of the card that still needed to be shoved in. Perhaps this is what I did wrong when putting them in the first time. Because it feels really snug before pushing it in the final way, and I can see how all 4 would have lined up nicely with me repeating that for all 4 cards.

Ignorance is not my lack of experience with the bios will have me going over it with a fine tooth comb before attempting to start the os, but turning AHCI on is probably the only thing I will need to do. (and set the
There may have been some overclocking settings that were present from the guy who built this for me...ram voltages, things like that. I know nothing about this and will not be worrying about. Just happy to have it up and running again. lol

Thanks again everyone.
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