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Default 3D monitor questions.

I've ordered a new PC and now I'm looking at a 3D monitor to hook it up to. (I have ordered the PC but not a monitor as of yet)

I've selected this monitor that Sky did a review on.
ASUS VG278H 27 3D Gaming Monitor Review

ASUS VG278H 27IN 1080p 2MS 120HZ w/ 3D Vision 2 Lightboost Glasses HDMI DVI VGA LCD

If I were to summarize Sky's review it would be "I really love this monitor but it's not IPS so I really hate this monitor" :p

I "am" scared that I will get headaches from 3D after 5 minutes of use but that 3D tolerance is something that will vary from individual to individual I believe so... will have to see.

My hardware will be a 3770k and a pair of GTX 670's so I should have plenty of juice for 3D gaming.

And finally my questions:

1) Does this look like a good choice for 3D gaming and movie watching? (Sky seems to run hot and cold on it but mostly hot from my reading)
2) Are there many games that translate well into 3D play?
3) Since I am newb any general advice about 3D would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Also... If I can play a game in 2D at 60FPS will that work out to about 30FPS in 3D?
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