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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
above the CPU to the right there is a 3 pin connector for your CPU fan .... did you connect the RPM wire from the cooler to it ? It should at least boot even if that was not connected

I would triple check the plug connections and also that everything is firmly seated i e ram, GFX card..

Does the GO LED lights all light up after you start the PC ? The GO LED is the row of LEDs beside the 24 pin power connector..... those lights tell you if you have CPU, dram , VGA and hdd the CPU being the very bottom light then ascending from there .
I did connect the 3 says cpu fan right there on the mobo, although it is a 4 pin. I'm sure i've got it in correctly. There's a slot on the connector forcing it to go in over the left 3 of that 4 pin.

The GO LED lights...the mobo manual is calling them Q LED's, if that's what you mean. I see two red lights lighting up. The bottom two which are cpu and dram. The dram flashes twice, then the cpu once...then it repeats endlessly until I shut the computer off again.
Does this mean anything specific...or just generally, that I have to look for problems with the cpu and dram? I keep worrying that I tightened the Corsair pump too tight over the cpu. I've reversed (counterclockwise) twice around (720 deg) to loosen it a bit thinking it may help...but there's been no difference.

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