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My System Specs


I'm Xfiring two ASUS HD6670's. They are not identical one is a EAH6670/DIS/1GD5 the other HD6670-2GD3. Both using the same graphics engine, the clock speed are different 810 / 800 (I've OC'd both up to 900, keep them at 850 now). One has a "fan sink" the other doesn't. I use AMD's Graphics Overdrive to manage the Xfire and adjust the GPU clock speed and Memory Clock settings to be the same (usually set at 1100, up from the base of 1000, but down from the max of 1150).

I do notice that when running Furmarks the program shows the utilization by GPU, and while the one is taken to 99% the other never exceeds 66%. No idea why or what this may mean.

I have found that not all programs like the Xfired set up. IL*2 Cliffs of Dover for example will not run very long (as in a few minutes) when I Xfire the two HD6670's. Tried tweaking the set up but have not made it work. BUT I did find IL*2 COD would run well when I Xfired one of the HD6670's with the iGPU on my A10 APU. There is a definite FPS display advantage to Xfired (either the two GPU's or one GPU & the iGPU/APU). I did have the system shut down suddenly once, but bumped up the fan speed on my GPU's and have not crashed since.

So - close, but not exactly the same GPUs do work, sometimes.

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