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My System Specs

Default No bios no nothing after H100i install

Just attached a Corsair H100i to my Crosshair IV Extreme mobo, I turn it on and all the fans work...the lights on the mobo come on...I see lights flashing as if hdd and optical drives are being accessed...but nothing on my eyefinity monitors. Power lights are amber instead of blue on the monitors.

I disconnected two of the monitors and restarted with just the DVI. No change.

I disconnected all my peripherals except mouse and keyboard, sound, network and 3 monitors hooked up. No change.

I notice the light is not coming on for my keyboard.

The light comes on for the Corsair pump. I connected the H100i to my psu with nothing else on the cable. It was a cable with six pins at the psu end...and sata at the other.

Even if there were some sort of hardware issue...I should still be able to get in to my bios. I should at least see the first startup messages from the bios. I i've changed nothing but the heatsink. No other cables have been changed. All cables were put back in the exact position as before.

I don't see how I could have damaged the mobo. All the lights come on as they usually do.

I have not tried disconnecting all my drives except for the system drive...but why would that be an issue anyways...preventing me from seeing the bios.

Any ideas of what is wrong?
Thanks. :)

Edit: i notice two things that may be of significance
1. The H100i has a 3 pin pump rpm wire that they say can connect to any motherboard 3 or 4 pin header. I have connected it to the one at the top names "cpu fan".
2, The power supply instructions have a warning that I don't understand... "The detachable four pin from the 24 pin main connector is not a "P4" or "+12V" connector. Serious damage can be caused if you use it in place of a "P4" or "+12V" connector." The sata power connector I used for the H100i connects to the psu with a 6 pin connector.

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