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Default arctic cooling freezer xtreme rev. 2 issues

Hi folks,

Have an issue. Was replacing the heatsink/fan on my x6 1055t 125w and F-ed up the cpu. Replaced it with an x6 1045t 95w.

Installed the 1045t with the arctic cooling freezer xtreme rev. 2. I figured it is cheap, low-weight, quiet, and easy to install (no backplate). Installed it and noticed the computer would only post to BIOS when the rig was on its side and not standing up. I assumed the issue was poor contact or too much thermal paste. Re-applied and same issue. However, this time, my 3rd and 4th dimm slots wouldn't accept any memory at all. I could only run my ram single-channel on slots 1 & 2. Again, had to keep the rig on its side.

I didn't OC or play around with the BIOS at the time.

I installed the stock cooler and all my problems disappeared.

I'm just wondering what the issue was with the AC xtreme rev. 2.

Current Build

m4a87td evo
x6 1045t @3.4ghz cpu/2.6ghz nb with stock cooler
8gb ddr3 1600mhz (2+2+4)
radeon 7870 xt OC
1tb 7,200rpm seagate
optical drive
2x 120mm case fans
500w coolermaster PSU
asus ve276q
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