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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Just a point, go back to the 690 thread.. check out the comments on the price there too.

Wonder if more time will make people adjust.. or if like me it's still just too much compared to the 680, 670 and especially 7970.. Which at least in that suite of games was much closer than I had expected.
With the GTX 295 the pricing was in-line with two GTX 275s. With the AMD 6990 and GTX 590/690, the pricing became untenable and was more than double the high end cards. Yeah the GTX 580 was $500.00, but the GTX 570 was cheaper and two SLi'd would exceed one GTX 590.. The only reason to have gotten those dual GPU single cards was to do quad SLI, or in some cases, only use one slot, or put SLi on a board that didn't support it.

The problem is, nowadays all boards support SLI/CF, and two 7950s or GTX 660TI will meet or exceed this performance for a far lower dollar. My only love of the Titan, is that the

Originally Posted by Phill View Post
I tried to overclock my U2711 as well and ya it starts dropping frames and therefore becomes choppy. I tried to OC all of my displays (MVA,IPS,TN) and none of them could be OC'd.

FWIW when I tried to OC my displays I simply created a custom resolution in the NV Control Panel. Is this somehow different than using EVGA precision?
You're dropping frames causing the choppiness. The only real overclockable monitors are the Catleap 2B/Overlord/ monitors at 27", or get a Samsung S23A700D or BenQ XL2420T and try the blurbusters tricks to get lightboost to reduce sample and hold blur. I've done it on my XL2420T with great results, now going to try the Samsung.

That being said, one of the features I really want to try is monitor overclocking with the GTX Titan. I've gotten the Overlord 27" to 120+ hz with my current AMD and nVidia cards, but I want to see if the Titan is something special, or just the same old being touted as a new feature.

I didn't feel the Overlord at 120hz was that big of an improvement, but driving that at 120fps for gaming is not easy with current hardware, so maybe the Titan will improve that.

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