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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
That's one hell of a setup. TITAN + 3x 30" + display overclocking = heaven.
And after a complete calibration with my i1 Pro and CalMan, those monitors are now totally unbeleivable. The difference between the ''before'' and ''after'' is night and day. Really major difference.

You should think about doing an article on how to properly calibrate monitors. I'm pretty sure 99% of the ''gamer ahead of the curve'' don't have a clue about that, and don't know that their brand new shiny monitor look like ****. It could be a very informative article and eye-opener for alot of people. Think the fellowship of the ring seeing the Inside of the Moria for the first time. Same thing.

I can't beleive all those people using great 24'' and 30'' monitors and using them ''out of the box'' without any calibration. They don't have a clue what they are missing...

Crazy OCed CPU, crazy GPUs, OCed RAM, spending trucks of money... but no calibration of the picture... Sigh... Why pay for all this if you don't calibrate the most important thing of the chain of picture quality: the monitor(s)?

I calibrate the monitors of alot of my friends and they always tell me after looking at the before and after: ''! and I was playing on that!''

I'm calibrating projectors an tv in high-end HTs, and when I'm finished, I always ask people if they want me to also calibrate their PC monitor. Huh lol wut? is always the answer. So I always ask them why they are paying me to calibrate their projector, but not the monitor they are using with their PC... And after I'm done they are like ''wow!''. But people don't think about the PC monitor, because they think it's ok OOTB.

But it's never ok OOTB. You have no idea how many fugly ''high-end'' 24'' and 30'' I have seen out there!

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