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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
Only thing that has me worried is PW history of squeezing its playerbase for cash, looking at it's other bigname mmo's I am sure we will end up with lockboxs. No not a fan of lockboxs, I dont mind paying for a item but for a chance for a item not so much.
But again it is suppose tofollow STO's exchange formula so that would mean that any items in the store could potentially be bought via playtime (AkA grinding like a MOFO)
Good to know. Not fond of the idea either. The Mass Effect 3 RNG lottery was annoying. And I get so many Black Lion's Chest in GW2, I just toss them out now. GW 2 is the only MMO I've played so far, but I did like BioWare's Baldur's Gate and NeverWinter Nights series.
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