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Originally Posted by ed116 View Post
hey guys how much would an 01 Audi A4 black on black fully loaded go for? i plan to sell it as-is, because the cooler broke down (it is actually my cousins car and she wants to get a new one, wants to get rid of this one for parts) so im thinking selling it all as is for parts, but not sure how much it would be worth? maybe 1500? the car is in mint condition on the outside, winter tires and its etested & safety
By cooler do you mean the radiator? The B5 chassis cars are not too difficult to work on, you can get the radiator out without removing the front clip. If it is only the rad then the repair will not be too hard for an diy-er and there is a pretty dedicated group of VW/Audi fanatics out there.

If you were going to post the car for sale I would try Audi specific sites first. These would be my first choices

Audifans Marketplace | Browse

Quattroworld Independent Audi News, Audi Forums and more

Also there is a very small options list for those cars, once you choose a drive train the only choice left was a sunroof. All the options are standard so any nice perks the car has will not make it stand out against other Audis. Finally a manual transmission will likely be more desirable then an auto from that year. The autobox was servicable but a bit of a dog so most people prefer the manual.
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