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Originally Posted by sm00nie View Post
I just got home and unfortunately none of them are open at 11pm?! I have tomorrow off, so I'll be calling to see if they have any 2 3/8 to 3" in stock.

Thanks a lot fellas :)


Update: Just in case anyone's interested -- I called a few Rona's and none of them seem to have them in a length greater than 2". Bolts Plus doesn't have anything greater than 2" available at any of their locations and the sales guy I spoke with said they rarely have anything greater than 2" in and suggested placing an order that would arrive thursday-friday of next week. I called 6 Fastenal locations of which 4 didn't have anything greater than 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" available and 1 had them available in stainless steel @ 0.28 ea., the other had an order of zinc coming in on Wednesday @ 0.09 ea. I'll probably get the zinc's as that location is pretty close to my parents house, and that usually means home cooking :P.

Thanks again for the shops :)
brafasco and if longer no problem just put a 2 nuts on thread and use HIGH TPI hack saw and saw off then file smooth, remove nuts
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