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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Depends on what you mean by 'beat'. Can two 7970s A) use less power and B) make less heat? No? Will drivers for two 7970s or two 680s work 100% of the time for ALL games? No? Then its not so black and white. I would rather one fast card than two. Less hassle, more long term potential (can always add a second one...whereas with two or three smaller are already maxed out).

I want to see what AMD can do as right now the Titan eats AMDs lunch.

But at the price is it worth it I do not think so.
If it was set at a price range of $700 to $800 sure maybe. Ok so would two cards use less power no, but if your willing to pay $1000 for that card you really worried about power IMO
SLi cards don't have issues. Not that I have seen.
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