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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
The 4k argument is ridiculous. Even in 5 years 4k TV's will still be quite expensive and there will be like zero content for 4k. Cable/Sattelite providers barely have the bandwidth for 1080p as it is right now, they aren't going to be broadcasting 4k anytime soon. That and the fact that even top of the line GPUs today would have problems playing games at 4k. 4k adoption is still a long ways off, look how long it took for 1080p to be widely adopted.

As for social features, I could careless about the Facebook or Twitter part of it or whatever, but I love the idea of uploading game videos or screenshots and having a hub to browse through your friends content - I like that shit. Similar to what Steam is doing. I'm not sure how the video recording works though, did they say you press the social button and it start recording or? Need to see more of it. I see uploading these videos being a problem for a lot of people with garbage internet connections, it would be nice if ISPs would get with the program and give us some better service where sharing these videos would almost be instant. It kinda breaks the experience when you're waiting around for video to download and/or upload.
The only thing that has the bandwidth would be fibre optic TV for 1080p. The kicker with that is if you're too far from the hop you get either have decent internet speeds and 1-2 TVs for HD or you really have to choose between one or the other (my parents have that issue)
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