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Stay away from Samsung Canada customer service like it's the plague. Rma'd my monitor over 2 months ago and still havn't gotten it back.

I originally had a repair issued for the monitor, but, Samsung was unable to provide the company with a new panel - even though they are the manufacture of them, so, I was told I would have to get an exchange done instead. Little did I know how terrible their exchange process is. After over one month of waiting for them to ship out the new monitor to me, I finally decided to phone in. I wish I didn't. Their customer service reps are your typical prompter reading drones and I quickly learned that to get anything done, I would need to speak to the excecutive customer relations department.

The first time I spoke with someone in the ECR department, I could literally hear them stuffing their face with a burrito the entire time they were talking with me. I asked them to stop and the person promptly hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor, I was transferred to Hoolio.

Now Hoolio, he is an interesting character. He kind of sounded like Big Smoke from GTA San Andreas. But anyway, I wasn't in the mood to start complaining about the disgruntled employee I spoke with, so I just got to the point. He explained to me that an exchange is a very complicated process and could take up to 16 weeks to complete. He told me that the only person that could approve an exchange was the president of Samsung and that he would need to send an email up to the presidents office. Hoolio then told me that I would need to send him a copy of my invoice for the monitor, along with my birth certificate and my social security number, I asked him why and he told me for security purposes.

So yeah, not really sure what to do from here. All I can say is avoid Samsung RMA.

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