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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
1/2, 7/16 and 3/8 in that order are most common, common users won't notice the difference in performance..

Most use compression fittings but its all up to your taste, how do you want it to look??

unless your running an extreme loop most pumps will do just fine .

EKWB makes crap and not just with the recent run of plating, I wouldn't recommend any of their products......

if your in the US take a look at PCperformance, FrozenCPU , Aquatuning those stores will have a good supply to mull over .
Ok yeah, I definitely want compression fittings

What's wrong with EKWB? Looks like the most advanced in terms of their design/marketing, obviously I don't know bout the quality of their stuff but I don't want biased answers.

Originally Posted by ZZLEE View Post
Tube size

Larger flows easier and faster with less pressure.

look at area of circle vs radius. Volume off a tube vs Radius.

larger tube has less effect due wall friction on flow.

Primochill Primo Flex 1/2" inner 3/4" outer is what I have.

Rad have 1/2" G1/4 threads most of the time.

I was not as careful as should have been in my first water cooling.

Soon I Will try again
Anywhere where I can compare tubing sizes? I wanna see good examples of how the sizes look so I can decide.

What are the popular tubing kinds/brands?

Originally Posted by dustin1706 View Post
Hey Reaper.

1) The most common sizes for tubing are 1/2"id 3/4"od and 3/8"id 5/8"id. The difference in flow loss is negligible, so just go with the look that you prefer. Some cheaper tubing is more prone to kinking on sharp bends than others. I like primochill 1/2"-3/4" myself.

2) For fittings, barbed fittings with hose clamps are cheaper, compression fittings are better looking but more expensive. Compression fittings have an outer collar that "pinches" the tubing to seal it to the fitting. Some people like to use undersized tubing on barbed fittings with no clamps, but I would not recommend this for someone new to WC.

3) When buying a waterblock make sure the block will fit the card. If you have a reference card, you need a reference block. If you are buying a non reference card, first make sure that there is a block available for it. Not sure exactly which block you are looking for, but EK makes a nice looking acrylic block for the 680 EK-FC680 GTX+ - Nickel - GeForce GTX 6x0 Series - Full Cover for Nvidia GeForce - VGA Blocks - Blocks

4) Yes there are several different pumps available. Two types of pump are very common: Firstly, the Laing D5 (aka MCP655) this pump comes in a fixed speed and variable speed model and has been rebranded by several retailers. Several aftermarket tops and reservoirs are available for it. Secondly, the Laing DDC. This pump comes in many configurations like the MCP350, 355 and 35x. Several retailers have rebranded these pumps as well, so you will see them with different names. There are lots of aftermarket tops and reservoirs available for these pumps as well.

In a nutshell, any of these pumps will be fine for anything but the most extreme WC setups. The "which is better" topic comes up all the time and there isn't a single right answer. From my experience and research: Positives of the D5 are that it is quieter, more reliable and pushes more volume at low restriction. Positives of the DDC pumps are that it is smaller, has more tops available, comes in PWM variations and pushes more volume with higher restriction. I personally use the variable speed D5 because it is quiet and reliable.

5) You can get leds or cathode lights. Cheaper leds are very directional while cathodes give off 360* light and are generally easier to position. To hide the UV lights just put them on the sides, top and bottom of the case up against the side with the window. This way they will throw the light into the case but will not be visible through the window.

6) Tons of reservoirs are available. Most commonly cylinder, integrated with radiator, square or 5.25" bay mounted. Some setups integrate the pump with the reservoir. Looking for something specific?

7) Those are some of the big names, but check out some retailer websites to see what else is out there., ... sleeve it and they will come
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Is the outer collar the flat screw kinda lookin thing? Has a flat line in the middle?

Will that 680 block show the liquid? Why does EKWB have circles all over their stuff?

What do rebrands offer? How is one rebrand better than another? Pumps all look ugly, are they all just plain and simple and ugly like that or what?

What do I have to look for in looking for a reservoir?

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