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My System Specs


I'm sure there are plenty of people that still say the 690 is over-priced.. The thing that people are missing here is not just the outright performance but that it's coming from a single chip.
I still agree it's overpriced, I'm in the same boat. But you never get a linear performance to price increase. Look at the 670 to 680, is there $100 difference in that performance? It only gets worse as you go higher.

I remember nearly the exact same points being raised on the 690, too expensive, shouldn't be = cost to 2x680's.. only worth it if flooding it etc etc etc
690 hasn't gone away and I wouldn't call it a flop either.

Realistically, with performance and prices of the other cards the price should have been 850 - 899.. Man I wish it would be 800 but thats 2x670's on a single GPU and thats not a realistic price when talking about something this high-end.

AMD have nothing planned but fleshing-out their mid - low tiers of cards (according to the last few news posts) nothing high end till the end of the year/beginning of next.. Tho maybe this will light a fire under them
Then again maybe they knew about how good this was and they have had to go back to the drawing-board so as not to be trashed in the next gen of cards.
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