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My System Specs


The difference with the 690 was that it was worth the price because it is twice as fast as a 680. The Titan is not twice as fast therefore it should not be as expensive as the 690.

If it was priced at $800 I would consider getting 2 and selling my 690.

The only thing that I can see that will save the Titan is how high you can overclock it under water cooling. If a Titan can overclock to stock 690 speeds then it would be very impressive.

One thing that is really bugging me is all the people on other websites saying they would get a Titan over a 690 because they think there is micro stutter or SLI issues yet have never owned a 690 let alone SLI any cards. So far I have not experienced micro stutter even back in my 260 Tri-SLI rig. Also almost every game has SLI support on launch and even if they do not I usually don't care as most games are buggy on launch and will probably wait for a patch or two to play. Not to mention I don't have as much free time to play all the latest games.

Anyways this Titan while impressive is just $200 over priced. Hopefully AMD will force Nvidia to lower their prices.

I really like my new Corsair K90 keyboard as it is much nicer to type on and play games. Took a bit to get used to a mechanical keyboard but it is worth it. Once you go mechanical you never go back!

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