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My System Specs


More raw power Bliz, not way better, as can be seen in the stability of the frames. Also as said in the article, no sli profiles to worry about.

I think so far we can all agree that the Titan is over-priced.. BUT I can't say that if I was in Nvidia's position that I wouldn't do the same and that is without knowing what their bottom line is.

I think AMD must be now worried about the next gen of cards if Nvidia have basically been "sitting" on this for the last 8+ months.

I'd also like to see a slightly cut back version of this.. maybe 1 core less akin to the 680-670 and with 3GB ram to reduce the costs further.
But if this price holds then I'd guess that card would be where we want this to be and it still wouldn't be "worth" it vs SLI.

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