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My System Specs


DPS is king in STO so I would say go with a TAC for your first char, server doesnt matter since STO operates on a Instance format.
Escorts will be easier to level with ( and funner to play at first) since they have the better turnrates and can equip Heavy cannons. For traits ( toon creator will prompt you for what traits you pick) I say Leadership and efficient. If you go Alien you actually will be able to pick traits that you wouldnt as a specific race. Here details Trait builds: Guide: Suggested trait builds - Star Trek Online Wiki
As you level up and complete different story arcs you will get the ability to transwarp to certain destinations , so cruising around becomes alot easier. Also once you get the Borg engines or MACO or Fleet you gain the ability to travel faster than warp 10, I am at warp 54 in my Vesta, this was my biggest caveat is the travel time between areas/sectors when low level.
Hit me up ( ingame name is in one of the first posts ) if you do and I'll answer any ?'s in chat. You have to manually enter my name IIRC I am set so I dont show under auto-complete.
See you in space.

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