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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
Usually I would radically bash NVIDIA or find some sort of weakness to it, but to be honest I think what they did was smart, the card itself is a pricing whore, but really what I'm seeing from the TITAN is the foundation for future graphics processing. Eliminating the needs of drastic power consumption and yet have the performance of well... a titan. The days that we need 1200W power supplies to run the highest end consumer graphics card on SLI or CrossFireX are probably over thanks to the TITAN and as shown this card can fit into a mini-ITX motherboard so now the desktop is getting smaller, faster and more power friendly, of course the only question now is if the software will follow suite, because it doesn't matter how powerful your hardware is, if the software cannot utilize it, then there is no point.

So I guess I have to thank NVIDIA for that, I'll probably resume bashing though after this writing :P
I disagree on one aspect. Its not just the GPU in terms of power consumption. The changes across the entire board with die shrinks and the likes that make the 1200W PSU extinct.
My i7 3770K idles at 80W with a system crammed full of stuff.
The old setup Idles at 200W.
That makes a huge difference.

Regardless this thing is a beast there is no denying that.


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