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Honestly from what I saw in the review and what most comments I have seen the only real issue with the card is the price. I would love to get one of these to replace my dual 580s (which did cost more than $1000 together, just not all at once) but it is just too expensive. I really believe that if this card was priced at the $800-$850 range we would not be seeing the complaints like we are. It is an amazing card and completely wins against every single GPU card out there. But it while it does have a smoother experience than the 690 it still is not as powerful and really should be cheaper. If they were then I would seriously be considering one but at the current price it just will not happen.

My advice for Nvidia, drop the price to $850, throw in a game or two and then you will see people start talking about how good of a card it really is and not just concentrating on the price.
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