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All you guys saying "it better do 4k" are dreaming. Higher end cards, costing more than what the ps4 is going to sell for, have a hard time doing 4k at 30fps(the minimum any console maker would deem ok). They are designing something for the masses, which right away negates being able to include hardware that can 4k hardware. Even if they released a system that cost 1000 with a 7970 or 680 in it would complain it costs too much and will be out dated to fast for the price.

For my pc I'm still gaming with a 920 oc'd to 4.0Ghz(5 years old), and sli'd 460's (3 years old), considered lower end by todays pc standards now but they can still run everything at 1080p(ok haven't tried crisis 3 yet) on max settings. So why is it so hard to believe that a system configured like the ps4 is could have a hard time lasting 5 or 6 years. Some my blame this due to being held back by consoles, but I haven't had any problems running new exclusive pc games even on my old hardware. Granted we go through all this every time a new console is launched and every time you compare launch games to end of life games the strides in graphics quality is always pretty amazing considering it's the same old hardware from many years ago and I look forward to seeing how they evolve in the coming generation.
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