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My System Specs


Company Name: ASUS
Product: VE228 Monitor
Warranty Period: 3 years from Manufacturer Date
Date purchased: April 2011
Date RMAed: Feb 2013
Ease of RMA: 8
Wait time: 6 Days
Details: Very Simple RMA in this case, I had scanning lines when the brightness was lowered on the monitor. Could be replicated in any scenerio, and happened when the monitor was brought to my work to test on another computer. They Issued the RMA number right away.
Satisfaction: 5

Now, although my monitor was processed quickly and a 'replacement' was sent, I am absolutely astonished and apalled at what was given in return. Yes, I did get the same model of Monitor, but its condition is disgusting to say the least. It looks like a demo monitor you see at a store. There are, 'things' encrusted on the actual monitor surface. The plastic protection is half peeled away in spots, and off in other so it is obviously not new. The outer edge of the monitor is scratched, marked and with more fingerprints on it than in a crime lab.
I'll probably have to spend a good hour or two cleaning this in hopes of making it worth while. The monitor I sent in was flawless....I am a neat freak and keep my stuff clean. What I got back disgusts me...

I give 5 points for the speed that the RMA Was handled.
I give 0 because of the condition of what was returned.


Now with pictures. Had I sent this Monitor to ANY member here you guys would have lynched me.


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