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My System Specs


Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
1. Android has major problems with no printer support out of the box, very limited support has been created by manufacturers.
2. Even when you have full USB host support with the physical port, most bluetooth dongles won't work.
3. Game controllers are only supported with hacks.

I like how some of the OEM's do go the extra mile, but there are still too many limitations for Android to be taken seriously outside phones and tablets. It is literally the Linux of the mobile world, luckily with far better support than the Linux of the PC world. Gotta give credit how far they have advanced it in such short order though.
You don't need printer support on a mobile device, and if you do there's plenty of solutions that work over wifi or bluetooth. Why would you need a bluetooth dongle to work on a tablet or phone? They come with bluetooth out of the box, for controllers that's the manufactures fault not googles, six axis controllers work fine if you buy that app which is fine.
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