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My System Specs


From the reading it also seems that much of the new test games are AMD friendly to boot.
Would love some quick and dirty benches in BF3, Borderlands 2 and some other games.

Nvidia are IMO in the position of AMD this time last year with the Titan. How much was the 7970 at release?
That said their older cards are way over-due a near cross the board 15%~ price-drop to keep them competitive with AMD.

I also have to wonder at the logic of the pricing for this card. Surely if they produced larger numbers they would reduce the cost per card and put it closer to the price that many many more people would consider paying?
I guess only time will tell if there are supply - demand problems.

P.S $1280 in the UK (inc vat ex shipping)..

My U2311h will only hit 65hz.. My U2713HM on the other hand hits 90hz :D
Not that my 670 is man enough to drive those frames in many games I play :(

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