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Meh. This gen the only console I've gotten is a Wii U, and I'll skip MS and Sony's offerings. I only just got a PS3 and there's maybe 8-10 'exclusive' PS3 games I'm remotely interested in. Everything else is available for PC as well, and given the choice, I'd rather game on it. Hell if Zelda and Mario were on PC, I'd probably have skipped the Wii U as well.

The change to a more 'PC-ish' architecture will be nice, but if the new Xbox doesn't follow suit I would suspect it won't help out PC gaming much as most games will have to be designed with the lowest common denominator of the PC/PS3/720 group in mind. I think most gaming companies won't risk losing out on one of the three markets just to make their games look better on the other two.
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