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SOOOooooo basically we're being trolled with an upgraded/updated 680.

Let's be realistic here, at this price point, if you needed a computing card, you'd get a computing card. If you wanted a gaming card, you'd buy a gaming card. I don't think there's a huge market for a card that can really kinda do both at such a high price point with what is going to be the bigger issue among the two sides to interested consumer - gaming.

This card needed to be a beast at gaming, with wicked GPGPU capabilities on the side. Not something that you're paying more for less, with a feature on the side that not only doesn't take priority, but that not too many folks are going to be worrying about. This is purely a card that's going to live on in computers of people with money to spend for no reason, or somehow believe that having a large fraction of a portion of both worlds is necessary for them. Is it meant to be this way? Probably, I'm thinking. I don't think this is a card that Nvidia is expecting to make real cash on. In the mindset of gamers, this card is pretty much, epic fail.
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