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Well one is for sure, our ISPs will love it. I mean if everything is going to be streaming to it and from it damn near all the time, they are going to be getting millions of people with overage charges every month. I mean come on, just look at one of the things they want to do;
Originally Posted by gameinformer
Sony's goal is to use its prediction software to study your gaming habits and seed your console with downloads it thinks you might like for a truly instant play experience. In addition, the company should be able to use its predictive data to serve players personalized news and content.
That right there is just another reason why I don't like it. I just hate the data mining that occurs with normal internet use, now it will be forced onto consoles too?

Originally Posted by YukonTrooper View Post
The majority of the tech market, not just the gaming market, is socially oriented. Sony and Microsoft are trying to tap into as much of that market as possible. Over half of Xbox 360 users are online, with the majority of those socially active through Live's social features.

I think us single-player and traditional multi-player gamers are slowly going extinct.
And that is why I am starting to feel old. I mean remember when being social meant actually going out and talking to people in person? Sigh, I guess I really am going extinct.
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