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How did we get from 7670/7750 to 660/7850? That has me a little bit more excited, considering the efficiency developers can achieve with limited hardware.

Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
I got a question for people here. I have seen some of the people talking about the "sharing features" like sharing video in real time and screenshots and clips and such. Am I just old and getting completely out of it? I mean I just want to play the games.

Are people actually looking forward to all of these social/sharing features?
The majority of the tech market, not just the gaming market, is socially oriented. Sony and Microsoft are trying to tap into as much of that market as possible. Over half of Xbox 360 users are online, with the majority of those socially active through Live's social features.

I think us single-player and traditional multi-player gamers are slowly going extinct.
For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.
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