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So with some luck PC games might actually be the primary development platform and games will be ported to the PS4 and what ever the xbox is. I know that nothing I've seen in regards to the new console is going to make me rush out and buy one

But yeah not sure how they can get away without actually showing the console itself or talk at all about resolution, if it cant push 4k whats the point? Though, this is quite possibly one of the worst times to be bringing out a new console due to being able to see realistic 4K televisions on the horizon but not actually being here for another year or more.

Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
So another words a mid range cpu and GTX 660. Not bad and will be comparable with most pc gamers rigs.

Looking at flops wise my 3-way SLI GTX 260 would be comparable back in 2008.......
and its comparable to PCs today but say in 1 year....... we'll be miles ahead by the time that they are actually at full speed.
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