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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Will you be sending him a new PSU, then taking the old one back so you can examine it? What happens if you determine that it was not, in fact NZXT's problem. Say, an external powersurge with the PSU plugged directly into a wall socket (not saying the case, just talking about hypotheticals). What happens then?

Also, if it is the PSU that took out the system, will you actually be replacing/reimbursing for the bricked parts? Or is the extent of your liability limited to replacing the PSU.

All of that has to be factored and determined in testing. We asked him to send all of his gear (mobo, cpu, gpu, psu) so that our engineers can take a look and see what's going on. Which is why we haven't declared the PSU to be at fault yet. If it was at fault, we're looking at some form of compensation. Whether that would be a check, new gear we buy, or sending him a pet sasquatch, I'm not sure.

Again, new territory for us so we'll have to look into what all can be done. We're not going to leave him high and dry if it was indeed the PSU. That would be asinine. So, we just have to have our guys test this stuff, crack open that PSU, and see what's going on.

From the descriptions that he sent, I don't doubt it was the PSU, but we have to be 100% sure before we just go hand out gear to people. We have to protect ourselves from possible fraud (and I'm not saying that this is one of those cases), but we also have to ensure that our gear doesn't do this stuff as much as possible, and we have to make sure we compensate parties who are effected by something like this.
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