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Default Steam Games Crashing Using MSI R7970 (SOLVED)

Hello HWC

I was just wondering if anyone else experience crashing or screen refreshing when playing steam games using AMD 7970Ghz cards. Cause I bought the card two days ago and I started having problems playing any steam games. The games would either crash, freeze the P.C. or refresh the screen and an error message at the task bar saying something about AMD drivers has recovered afterwards.

In addition I tried fixing it with a clean windows install and updating to Catalyst 13.1 drivers which made the problems even worst. Also I tried the stock disk driver and the following versions of Catalyst: 12.8 ,12.6 and 12.4 and still the crashing and freezing continues. Every time I downgrade the drivers I use AMD's Uninstaller and driver sweeper just to make sure. I changed the CPU to Stock settings and had not yet OC'd the card.

I think it's just the steam games I'm having problems with, any other games the card runs fine. I also tried running them on the lowest setting and still no luck. Just in case, I only play on a single monitor and the worst affected steam games are:

Sniper Elite V2 (game freezes the P.C. after 5-8mins)
Sniper Ghost Warrior (Screen keeps refreshing every 3-5mins black screen afterwards)
Civilizations V (Crashes the P.C. every 20 turns)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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