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Some interesting comments thus far, and I can't thank people enough for their praise, but in the end that's not why we're handling the situation as we are. The truth of the matter is, I would NOT work for NZXT if the culture in the company was like that of other places I've worked. Everyone is a modder, or enthusiast, or gamer. Everyone is great to work with. We all joke, have fun, and work our asses off to ensure that the very small company starts filling the shows they've grown.

No one at HQ has looked at this situation and said "oh well, things happen." There's been rather lengthy discussions on the issue. It's new territory since we've never had anything like this blow and take out a full system.

In the end, if it was our product that caused the problem, then yes, we're obligated to help him out. It's not about customer service, really, it's about what's right. I think more people in the industry need to take that kind of approach to not only their products, but their customers as well. IF something like this happened to me, I'd want it taken care of, right? Well, that's how everyone feels and it's the right thing to do.
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