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I think NZXT will be pleased with the last few posts. It may cost them a few bucks to sort out my issue but it looks like they gained some pretty solid possible lifelong customers because of this thread. I've purchased a few NZXT products over time. Mostly their accessories like my fan controller and of course this psu. In the future they will definitely be my go to company were possible. I love their products I must admit. Some are a bit too pricey for my blood like their cases but they really are a work of art. I'd kill for a white switch 810. Its probably the only large case I like enough to consider shelling out that kind of coin for. If there was a mid-tower version of the 810 I'd already have it. Even my wife likes their products. She wants me to buy her a Sentry LXE fan control so she can pretend shes on Star Trek...(serious)....
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