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Default Laptop Cooked?

Dunno what to think here... my T61 laptop was working just a couple hours ago...

1) i close the lid and put it to sleep, place it in the laptop bag and head home from work
2) take the laptop out of the case and the usual "crescent moon" green LED is dark
3) open the lid, push power, nothing
4) plug in AC, no AC LED light, nothing
5) unplug battery, plug battery back in, nothing

... wait a few hours

6) unplug the battery, and plug in the AC with the battery un-plugged

.. now the AC led goes green

7) plug battery back in

.. AC is still green.. battery LED starts to flash amber

8) power on the laptop and start a full backup

don't know if this is a one off or not. If it needs a new battery i'm fine with that... but if the mobo is on it's last legs i'd hate to buy the new battery =P


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