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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Have you tried actual stress tests? See:
I'd start with a CPU test like LinX, then use MSI Kombustor to test GPU. Don't use actual gameplay as a stability test - that'll just get frustrating and potentially corrupt saved games.

You're right to assume the overclock first, because software glitches almost never turn a PC completely off (generally makes your OS freeze or restart). The "easy" or automatic overclocking settings almost always use much higher voltage than normal, so that can strain both the CPU and the voltage regulator modules (VRMs) supplying it. Your motherboard seems to support ASUS's AI suite, so I suggest you use it to monitor the CPU temperatures (and potentially GPU since you have ASUS GPUs as well).

[B]Another thing I notice is you have a strange build that has two GPUs that do not have PCI-E power cables. [/B]That means your the motherboard, any expansion cards, and your overclocked video cards are all drawing +12V from the two yellow wires on the ATX connector. IIRC the ATX spec is 8A@12V per wire, so that gives you 192W to play with in theory. You may actually be exceeding that or at least getting unstable power through those two wires when overclocked.
There is a story behind this "Strange Build" ~ bought the wrong HD6670 (didn't have the Display Port I need for three screens) and had it too long to return it so I decided to see if I could use it. Learned that the HD6670's can be Xfired and don't need the usual bridge to connect the two cards.

BUT I should point out that the game I was playing when the system shut off will not work with the two HD6670's Xfired. However I did discover that it would play using the APU & GPU Xfired as intended in this system using AMD's "dual graphics" mode. So I'm only using one GPU playing this game even though the other is there, it shows 0% use.

I've turned on AI's Sensor Recorder and the GPU-Z Sensor recorder (a separate program, I wish they had put it into the AI Suite but it's not there, I'm using the ASUS ROG version, I can pretend can't I?). I turned up the fan speed on the GPU to 80% (using AMD's VCC graphics overdrive). I also moved the main fans speeds up a bit in AI Suite. Temperatures on the APU & GPU rises to about 50 or so, The motherboard is coolest at about 40-45. I do notice that you can see the drop in temps when the increase in fan's RPM kick in (AI Sensor Recorder shows both temp and fan speed). So fan's are effective.

BUT How HOT is Too HOT? I'm thinking I should keep everything under 60 and I seldom even get close to that.

I went back and took down the OCing a notch from Extreme back to Turbo, settings are now penultimate (one notch down from max). Didn't really notice any change in the FPS in the game. The game has an internal FPS meter you can turn on through the console. Adjusting the visual's has much more effect. I ca get a very playable 35-45 FPS avg by running some settings on HIGH and most on Medium and a couple on Low.

I've played the game a lot this weekend and it did not crash so I'm thinking just increasing the fan speed kept it cool enough.

Now If I could just learn to land the Spitfire without crashing (I turned on "realistic ground contact" setting and now I'm lucky to land it and get out alive, but I damage the plane most of the time).

I'm thinking maybe I downgrade and buy the IL* 1946 version which predates Cliffs of Dover (2011 release). I think 1946 is a 2008 game. My system should play that older game very well. I just hope I'll be happy with the graphics. Could decide to part with the $10 it costs to buy the game over a d'Bay.

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