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They gave me a shipping label for Fedex Ground. I'm hoping theres a way they can arrange for a slightly less slow service. I'd be happy to split the shipping with them or something of that sort.
To be honest I'm not even sure if theres a Fedex depot in St. John's. Whenever I have anything thats sent fedex delivered it always come by a 3rd party courier. Staples has drop boxes for their stuff and Canada Post offers Fedex Express but I'm not sure if theres an actual Fedex presence in St. John's or if they stuff just gets driven to the Air port and dealt with later.
I received some brackets today from Cool It in Calgary. They shipped on the 4th and arrived today by another courier. That was 11 business days if I counted correctly and thats only within Canada. Newfoundland to California ground with a boat ride over the Atlantic and a stop over at US Customs is going to take quite the long time.

Edit: There is a Fedex location listed here but google maps shows a warehouse being built at the location. Perhaps there is a Fedex there after all as Google did that drive by about 2 years ago. They may have popped up there since.

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