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Originally Posted by Nodscene View Post
Looks like it's just adware, probably something that was installed with another program/toolbar but doesn't look severe. I'd vote for Microsoft Security Essentials as it's a fantastic program and light on resources. If you want to actually pay for something then I'd vote NOD32 ahead of Norton. I actually wouldn't put Norton on any list of things to install free or not. If you want to do some further cleaning then download and run Combofix. That will get rid of pretty much anything else that's on your system. Be warned though that it doesn't ask if you want a file to be deleted and it will just do it. I haven't seen that cause any real problems though and I've used it hundreds of times. If it's a business computer make sure to go through the log as it will remove some valid startup shortcuts like Copitrak etc.

Edit: If you want to download Combofix, only get it from Bleeping Computers.
Thanks for the advice. I thought Microsoft security essentials was no longer available for WIndows 8 ?

I don't think combofix works in compatibility mode and there's nothing available for Windows 8

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