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My System Specs


Originally Posted by DTI View Post
Just want to say thanks for the information in what to look for

If I went with just a gpu block do you think its really that necessary to install ram sinks
I definitely would cool the memory with heatsinks at the very least. Look at the stock cooler and the placement of thermal padding and TIM. Anywhere you see either one is a component that needs cooling.

You may be able to get away with whatever block fits the GPU, but there are other parts that will need cooling also. Heatsinks will usually do the trick. If all possible, use copper, not aluminum. Fail to do it properly and you can kiss your card good-bye.

I myself always try to stay with reference design. It sucks that some manufacturers will change from reference with no indication.

If you havnt touched the copper block with the grinder and only the plexi, the block should still work. So if you note this and sell it at a discount, you wont be out so much loot. Otherwise, you got EK paper weight.
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