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My System Specs


Intel Core i5-3570K, MSI Radeon HD 7950, Corsair 200R - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada

Little more expensive ($1316 vs $1234 on yours), over double the storage on the HDD and it'll be faster and double on the SSD too. And a 3570k..
This will give you the option to oc in a few years once you need a boost in performance and make your rig last you longer..
it's really easy to do, you can get a bit on the stock cooler but drop in a after-market one when you want to oc.
I have nothing against the Asrock boards, I've built 3 solid machines with them But MSI could be a good choice for you too with a RMA center in Canada (also why I picked MSI GPU)

As a general rule don't touch Windows within the first year of release. Also tend to do a good a bad good bad and they are on a bad with win8 so far(metro interface)

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