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Welcome fellow nooby!

In my own recent efforts to overclock both CPU and GPU I've stumbled upon a few things. Firstly, I only game so I simply used AI Suite 2 to achieve a 4.2ghz OC on my 3570k. Unimpressive yes, but until or if I ever need much more power I'm satisfied with this. Someone more knowledgeable than myself will hopefully chime in.

As for the GPU, it's factory OC'd but it indeed has room to improve as well. This is the guide I used on my 660ti and I saw reasonable improvements in FPS, definitely something I'd look into if you're picking up Crysis. It's a lot to take it and can seem a little intimidating, but it's really not that bad.

~~The GTX 670 Overclocking Master-Guide~~

Best of luck!
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