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My System Specs


I run the higher-end version of this, the TS-469L and I've been quite impressed with it. Easy to setup and it's been reliable thus far (38 days uptime currently). I have 4x 3TB WD Red's in RAID6. I've had it since December 7, 2012, so not an overly long time yet, but we'll see how it does in the future.

Much easier to setup and maintain than my full blown Windows Server PC. I suspect it'll be much easier to replace drives when they fail too since it's hot-swap with LED's per drive.

It supports various forms of cloud-syncing too, so you can upload your more critical data to an offsite location which should be more secure. Currently it supports Amazon S3, Elephantdrive and Symform. It also had a package for Google Drive as well.

It also has a one-touch copy button on the front of the unit that backs up everything to a USB drive that's plugged in. Useful if you want to keep your own local backups as well.

Basically, look at QNAP and Synology units. I'm sure you can find one that fits your price point. Better to have your storage outside of your PC, provides a bit more safety from viruses/corruption/PSU failures. I would also strongly recommend plugging it into a UPS to provide it with clean power and shutdown if the power goes out.
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