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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
1256 intake 3 and 4 out.

Positive pressure is better for dust so have better intake than exhaust.
If your pushing more cooler air in the exhaust fans will remove it easily and any excess that isn't removed by the exhaust fans will get out any gaps in the case rather than negative pressure when it comes in the gaps(attracting dust to where there are no filters).
Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Tidy up the cabling (get it all behind the motherboard tray) and your good... there is plenty of airflow in that case as is... if anything you could remove fans so it's quieter.
Oh my, are we agreeing?
Positive pressure is best route in my opinion. I always try to use a minimum of 2:1 ratio with cooling; two input fans for every exhaust. I usually go with at least 3 inputs to one exhaust.

Just me, but I would go with INPUT: 1,2,5, and six. Exhaust: 3 and 4. If going for overclocks I would move the rad to the top of case and input fresh air to it, exhausting out the back.

And ya, as others said, tidey wiring counts for a lot. The pic in first post is great, but other pic is a rat's nest and hinders good air flow.
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