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My System Specs


Cool, that bitch should rip anything thrown at it. I love the HAF932. That case is so massive and easy to work with. A Thermochill 140.3 will fit up top with very little modding. I have used it for two different water builds. My present rig, as well as my son's rig are housed in one. Mine being 'The Torture Chamber'. I have had a few different systems in it since it's inception. Trying to justify a new build for it, but the config works great. Other than different water blocks and a couple tubing runs, the cooling system is unchanged since 2010. Hell, the 650-B pump is still going strong. That is with it running mostly 24/7, and running glycol thru it a few times. Other than that, no snake oil for me. Just distilled water with a silver coil.

Ya, I have to say I was a little nervous when I first powered up the pump on my first water build. It was an i7-930 and two GTX480s under water with it. My last couple of water builds, by time I am done bleeding air, that is my leak test. Sounds sketchy, but havent had a leak yet. Just use quality fittings and components. Anything less and you are looking for a disaster.

Havent had issues with Tygon R-3400 1/2 X 3/4 leaching. My rez has never been cloudy. Now, with the PrimoFlex Pro LRT UV Red Tubing shit I bought, that is another story. Used it for a Rampage IV Extreme build. Looked horrible after 1 day.
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