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Theres a couple other options as well. Keep in mind these are not true backups. To me a backup should survive a flood/fire/theft whatever. For your Cad data you'd want a true backup. For media however, I think just having a couple parity drives is enough insurance.

1. FlexRaid, with drive pooling and parity, this is what I use on top of WHS 2011. If you have large amounts of data or a lot of drives I'd take this option over Drive Bender.

2. I've never used windows 8 but I believe it has something called "storage spaces" you might also want to look into it. I believe it does the same drive pooling and parity.

WHS2011 is cheap but as stated its discontinued and honestly never did have very good support/drivers/development so I'm thinking things are only going to get worse for it. Nice thing about many of the software solutions (flex raid etc) you can mix and match drives manufactures, drive sizes etc, the down side is performance when compared to hardware RAID.
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