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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Yep 3.0 is no longer interested. I have a thread in the HWC captains area (only visible to mods) on what to do next with captain selection.
Chrisk, you have a hidden forum for your captains. Maybe you can easily help us out. We have a CC captain's site, but haven't been able to get the access to it changed. And like always with the CC planning, time is short.

I can't say when or even if our old CC captain's forum, will be made available.

Would it be possible to allow the CC captains to access the hidden forum, just until the end of the CC?

I'd ask on my team's forum, but the last time we asked for one, we got something utterly weird for a sub forum, with a Lakota Indian password that nobody in their right mind could spell or remember.
Quite hilarious, in an kind of way.

Edit: This problem has been handled - please disregard the above request.

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