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My System Specs


Yup! Sapphire was/is guilty of the same practice. Happened to me when I CF'd two X1950 Pros. The latter card came with a lower clocked BIOS and some minor PCB changes. Didn't effect my ability to CF but it was a pain since it (the BIOS) slowed my original card down. Flashing the new card with the other cards BIOS introduced instabilities so that was not an option.

What pissed me off is that they started using inferior (lower binned GPU's and ram) parts without letting people know. Nice eh? I'm a die hard single card or even dual GPU on a single card user now. I won't bother with SLI/CF in the future. Too much of a gamble. I learned my lesson early.

It's fine I guess if you purchase the two at the same time but God help you if you plan this as an upgrade path.
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