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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
Nice, I have one of those promotion ships and for some stupid reason I cannot piut any of my bridge officers on it grr.
Known issue that popped up during last weeks patch, some ppl seem to be able to fix it.
Here is a thread detailing some of those fixs.
Some Can't Slot Bridge Officers as of 2/14/13 (zone to a new map for workaround) - Page 37 - Star Trek Online

If you have hit Lv 40 ( or plan to) hit me up in chat, I have a shit ton of VA shipboxes if you want a MU Ship. Main toons Name is in the top of the thread, or just leave off "Storm" and do @supergroverohpc that way if I am on a alt toon I'll get it.

Personally if you quit when you hit 50 your going to miss doing elite STF's witch means you wont get any of the nice item sets or end game weaponry. If you are looking for a fleet, your going to need to be in a large fleet if you want the high end Fleet gear and ships since most small fleets wont hit T5, most small wont hit T3 in thier lifetime, feel free to head over to the {UFP}. One of the largest and most well known fleets in STO or any Star Trek game, they can be pretty ST techie but there is plenty of non-ST Techies in the fleet.

{UFP} The United Federation of Planets

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My knuckles are bleeding from fishing through walls a new CAT6 network cable... I found fresh, untapped electrical outlets...
"It's all in the Reflexes"-Jack Burton
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